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We have selected a broad range of question from our very popular Questions and Answers page and listed them here, to make your search for answers easier. Please continue to post your questions at the Q & A page. We will from time to time add more to this page from those questions.

Table of Contents

  1. UrOstomy/ColOstomy
  2. Ostomy
  3. What Size of Belt
  4. Correct way to measure belt width ?
  5. ColOstomy Hernia
  6. Celebration® Ostomy belt
  7. Iloeostmy
  8. Do you take visa/how does the belt work
  9. Stoma shield opening
  10. Larger opening
  11. Can the belt be worn by a woman
  12. Will pouch be able to operate as normal ?
  13. Garments
  14. Swimming


    Q.          UrOstomy/ColOstomy   I have a ColOstomy and a UrOstomy do you have a belt that will accommodate both.

    A.         The Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt is designed to support a single pouch. We do not have a belt to that will support both a UrOstomy pouch and a colOstomy pouch at the same time. Thank you for your interest. Jack Millman

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    Q.        Ostomy   My stoma sometimes protrudes from 2" to 5" into the Ostomy pouch. Is there any danger that the belt will b put too much pressure on the stoma?

    A.         Pat: I would suggest that you print out the information on this web site and show it to your Ostomy Nurse or Doctor. They would be the ones to know if it is appropriate for your situation. If they have any questions please tell them to contact me.

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    Q         What Size of Belt   Hi, In measuring the size of belt I need, I have two different measurements. When I stand & bend my waist is 44 inches. When I sit my waist expands to 46 inches. Does the belt shrink or expand over time through stretching or washing? What size belt do I order??? Thank you ...Jerry.

    A         Jerry: Sorry for the delay in answering. To measure for the belt you must lie down on the floor and measure around the level of the stoma. The belt has several inches of stretch so it can be fit snug. When you order your belt give the measurement as above and you will get the right size. Any other questions please let me know. Jack

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    Q         Correct way to measure belt width ?

    A         The Celebration® Ostomy Support belt is four inches wide. You will measure for waist size by lying down on a hard surface such as the floor and measuring around your body at the level of the stoma. This will give you the size belt you need in inches. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Q        ColOstomy Hernia  I have a hernia just beside my stoma, I want to know if these belt will help, and where can I find the belt to buy it. Miguel P Colombia South America
    A        I would suggest that you talk to your Doctor or ET Nurse and have them look at this web site. The belt will give you support around your stoma and should help support the hernia. The belt can be ordered from one of the three companies on the "Ordering" page of this web site. If you would like me to send you some information for your doctors please let me know. Thank you
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    Q         Celebration® Ostomy belt  I ordered one of your belts years ago and found it worked better than anything else I have used - I am so glad that the belt has once again made available. Thanks
    A         Mr. Rossi: I am pleased that you have found us again. Please let me know which catalogue you are ordering the belt from and if all is going well. Thank you Jack Millman
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    Q      Iloeostmy  With this belt, can you go swimming without leakage?

    A       You can swim with the Celebration® belt. You would be best to have the pouch empty and the pocket folded against the belt. It will not leak as long as the belt is fit snugly. The belt will take a short while to dry so I suggest you have a second belt for when you get out of the water. have fun. Jack

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    Q         Do you take visa/how does the belt work I have some questions: 1. Do you take Visa? I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and would need to get the belt shipped here. I would feel more comfortable paying with VISA then sending a cheque. 2. How does the belt attach to your pouching system? I use convatec 2-piece system where the inside diameter of the circle clip part of the flange is 1 3/4" and the hole itself is 1 1/8". Would this belt work with my pouch and how does it attach? 3. Would I be able to exchange it if i received the belt and it did not fit properly? how would i go about doing this? 4. I measure in between 33" and 34" around my stomach at my stoma... i think that is medium is that correct? thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! -allan
    A        Allan: You may order the Celebration® Belt through Torbot Ostomy Supply. The Phone number and address are on the ordering page of this web site. The belt is designed to work with your pouching system. All you need to do is give Torbot your measurement at the stoma level. They do take Visa and will be happy to help you. If you have any questions or are unhappy with the belt let me know and I will do everything I can to make you satisfied. Jack
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    Q        Stoma shield opening  The 2 & 3/8 opening is to small for my pouching system. Is it available with a larger opening or can the opening be made larger to fit?
    A       Tom: We can make the opening to two and three quarter inch opening. Is this large enough to accomodate your pouch? Let me know and we can work on it. Jack
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    Q         Larger opening  Jack, The 2 3/4 opening I think will work for me. How do I go about ordering it. Is it a special order or a stock item?
    A         Tom: The 23/4 opening is a special order. There is a $20.00 fee. That would bring the belt to $130.00 You can order it direct from me. By phone at 413 539 7704 or at PO Box 85 Worthington MA 01098. Postage is $3.85. You need to let me know your waist size. You will take that measurement by lying down and measuring around the level of your stoma. If you have any questions please call or email. Thank you Jack
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    Q         Can the belt be worn by a woman  Also, is there a style that accommodates the stoma and recent surgery for multiple peristomal hernias? from a concerned mom
    A         The belt is appropriate for both men and women it it can also be worn by teenagers. The belt will support the stoma as to the recent surgery it would depend on the location. The belt is four inches wide. The body of the belt surrounds the stoma giving peristomal support. This helps to stabilize the herniated area. I hope this helps
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    Q         Will pouch be able to operate as normal ? When wearing the belt will my pouch function as normal or is this for limited time period ? The web site talks about an empty pouch.
    A         Dennis: The belt is specifically designed to allow the pouch to function normally. The advantage is that the pocket will hold the pouch in place to stop the pendulum effect when filling or full. The pocket can also fold to hold the pouch securely against the body when empty. It is versatile yet completely functional. Hope this helps. jack
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    Q         Garments  With the belt you describe, will it be possible to wear belts and seat belts without hurting the stoma. Due to where my Ostomy is I either have to wear things lower or higher. Which tends to get tricky, without looking out of sorts.
    A         The Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt is very effective in protectiong your stoma from irritation due to seat belts as well as from trauma. The die cut plastic stoma shield which attaches to the belt is particularly well suited to afford this protection. Take a close look at the illustrations on the web site and you will see the stoma shield in place. Thanks for you interest Jack Millman
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    Q         Swimming  Please let me know if the product can be use inside the water (beach, swimming pool or shower)
    A         The Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt is made of a soft Velcro fabric. It will absorb a certain amount of water. However you can wear it in the water. Swimming or showering will not make the belt less effective. You will however want to let it dry thoroughly before wearing it under your clothes. I would suggest that you have two belts so that you have one to wear while the other dries. Thank you
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