You can order a custom made Celebration® Belt built to your specifications and individual  needs? Any changes in dimensions or number of appliance openings, belt width, and/ or  belt length, etc. can be done. Our knowledgeable product representatives would be happy to  work with you to create a belt that meets your requirements. Please contact; Celebration® Inc. by using our Contact Us form or reach a product representative directly by telephone at 413-539-7704 (EST / USA )

All custom made items are not returnable and will require payment in full prior to shipping.

This is a belt we made just last month for an Ostomate with a stoma and a draining fistula. It was designed with measurements provided by the Ostomate and built to her specifications. Celebration Belts such as this are hand made to meet the needs of the individual ostomate.

This is a service that we provide on a regular basis.

This is our latest custom belt designed to help Ostomates with very large parastomal hernia. It protects the stoma while holding a large hernia in a stable position.