Hello Jack, We spoke on the phone about a month ago and, I  ordered a belt. The best thing I ever did!!! It does just what I wanted, support and trimness and comfort. Thank you.

Henry D., Myrtle Beach, SC

Just received my Celebration belt, and I think it is really great. I feel a different person!

Jack, thank you so muck.

Barry S., Hayes, England


You are amazing…thank God for people like you…as a nurse, I cherish people who take pride in what they do and are sincerely concerned about us!!  Trust me…I will let a lot of people know about your product…thanks again.

Debbie C., RN, Nursing Professor, HVCC Troy, NY

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I just received my new belt and I love it.  My ileostomy is about 1 year old so all this somewhat new to me.  I have tried product after product and nothing has made me feel comfortable, the way your product has.  I can tell a lot of thought went into this high quality product.

Finally, there is a product that works. I just can not thank you enough.  After a year of feeling so “changed” I finally feel normal again.

Gary B., Lakeville, MN

We received our belt today and it is like a wave floated over my husband, Bruce, and made him happy.

 We will definitely be ordering a second one.

 Thank you.

Delise M.

I have had an ileostomy for over 40 years.  For many years I didn’t need a belt to keep my appliance on.  As I got older and gained weight, my appliance wouldn’t last more than a few days, if even that long.  I discovered the Celebration Belt years ago and have used it ever since.  It gives me days more between appliance changes, sometimes more than a week. 

I believe the design with a flexible plastic plate makes the Celebration Belt work so well.  That plate provides enough pressure pushing the appliance towards the skin to create a good seal that lasts.

Thank you Celebration Belt for making my life with an ostomy so much easier.

Paul R., Severna Park, MM

Thank you for your fantastic service.

The ostomy lady that my husband sees at the hospital was very impressed with it and says she will tell other patients about it. I have copied a few of the brochures that came with it and will give them to her.

Lorraine B.

I have been using my support belt for the last 2 months and I am very pleased with the results. The belt has allowed be to get back into my normally active life style, especially when snow boarding on the local slopes. 

I have been looking for a belt that would give me more stoma protection in order to get back to my regular Friday night game of pickup hockey. There are products out there that are designed to provide protection during sporting activities but non of them have the support plate or the pouch support that your product provides.

Pierre C., Severna Park, MM